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"Without the counselling I would not have been able
to build a new life for myself in Australia"


"There is hope for everyone, if they get support,
to build themselves a new life"


"We will be forever thankful for helping us and treating us with respect and kindness"


"We are living in a better place. We have the opportunity
to reach our goals, and we are together"


"That was the first time anyone believed in me. It was special that they did not give up on me. That’s the only thing that kept me going. I don’t feel the anger anymore – I’m free"

What is FASSTT?

The Forum of Australian Services for Survivors of Torture and Trauma (FASSTT) is a network of Australia’s eight specialist rehabilitation agencies that work with survivors of torture and trauma who have come to Australia from overseas. Most clients of FASSTT agencies have come to Australia as refugees or humanitarian entrants. FASSTT agencies also work with survivors of torture and trauma who have come to Australia as asylum seekers. There is one FASSTT member agency in each state and territory of Australia.

Refugee Transitions reports on a wide range of refugee and human rights issues which are relevant to our work.


The Forum of Australian Services for Survivors of Torture and Trauma invites individuals and communities from refugee backgrounds, clinicians, practitioners, researchers, thinkers and policy makers to submit an abstract for the 2023 Australia and New Zealand Refugee Trauma Recovery in Resettlement Conference.

Submission Portal

Comprehensive independent evaluation of the PASTT program completed

The 2022 evaluation commissioned by the Australian Government found that PASTT demonstrates high levels of appropriateness in meeting client needs and improving outcomes for refugee communities.


Australia ratifies major anti-torture treaty

On 15 December 2017 Australia took the final step necessary to ratify and implement a major international treaty that combats torture and other forms of mistreatment. This is an opportunity to protect the rights of people who are detained in Australia for generations to come.


Never Turning Away

Never Turning Away (2017) is a report marking 25 years of the FASSTT network.


The Australian Refugee Health Practice Guide

The Australian Refugee Health Practice Guide can be used by doctors, nurses and other primary care providers to inform on-arrival and ongoing health care for people from refugee backgrounds, including people seeking asylum.

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Recent News

News and Media
February 28, 2022

FASSTT agencies respond to the crisis in Afghanistan

In 2021, along with the rest of the community, FASSTT member agencies were deeply concerned at the deterioration of conditions in Afghanistan as the Taliban returned to power following the withdrawal of coalition forces and the collapse of the Afghan government. In August 2021 Australia's response to the unfolding crises…
News and Media
January 15, 2022

The continued impact of COVID-19 and FASSTT’s response

For the past two years, the impact of the global COVID pandemic has been felt particularly severely by the individuals and communities supported by FASSTT agencies. FASSTT member agencies have noted a marked increase in psychological distress amongst clients and communities in the past two years as well as a…
News and Media
June 28, 2021

Formalising the FASSTT network

In May 2021, the network of 8 services which provide specialist services to refugee survivors of torture and trauma (FASSTT) became a formal Company Limited by Guarantee. The purpose of doing this was to formalise our national collaborative practice and strengthen our capacity to maintain quality standards in governance and…