Welcome to the staff-only section of the FASSTT website

This section of the website is accessible ONLY to staff of FASSTT member organisations. It is designed to provide a forum for discussion on topics relevant to our work, and to provide a central file storage area for key documents (NOT client files) that we want to share between FASSTT agencies. If you are having trouble using the FASSTT intranet or have feedback about the FASSTT intranet, please contact the FASSTT National Coordinator on admin@fasstt.org.au or ph 07 33916677.


Material found in this area of the website should be treated as for internal use only and should not be distributed outside of FASSTT agencies without prior permission. If you want to distribute any material found in this staff-only area you should check with the originator of the file or post. If you don’t know who this is, contact the FASSTT National Coordinator on admin@fasstt.org.au or ph 07 33916677.

If you decide to join a discussion on a FASSTT forum, you should treat it like you are attending a meeting with all staff from other FASSTT agencies. That is, anything you write on these forums will be accessible to any staff member of FASSTT agencies. So while the general public cannot access this space, it could have a fairly wide readership (there are currently about 350 people working for FASSTT agencies Australia-wide).

There are some rules for using the forums and uploading files:

- use your full name and agency name as a signature for your posts
- participate in forum discussions that interest you and add value to your work
- try to post messages in the most relevant forum (sometimes there’ll be overlap)
- use informative/descriptive subject headings (eg don’t just write ‘I need help’, but rather ‘I need help with information about [insert whatever specific subject you want help with]’)
- post messages/files/internet links that others working in FASSTT agencies will find useful in their work or for professional development
- post information about any resources that your agency has produced that can be used by other FASSTT agencies
- post information about conferences/events relevant to our work
- treat this part of the site like an in-house meeting
- adhere to professional practices regarding privacy of clients and other workers (eg don't use client names or identifying information)
- express your opinion in a civil, courteous and respectful manner

- breach anyone’s privacy by providing inappropriate identifying information
- post any message or material that is likely to be construed as offensive, libellous, defamatory, abusive, threatening or harassment
- post any message or material that could infringe any person or entity’s copyright or trademark
- post messages under anyone else’s name
- post messages or material that is irrelevant to our work
- post messages that are more appropriately dealt with in more private settings such as debriefing, supervision or team meetings internal to your agency

The forums will be moderated by volunteers from FASSTT agencies to ensure that this facility is constructive and beneficial to staff of FASSTT member agencies. The moderators will regularly review the messages, however this will NOT be on a 24 hour basis. If a moderator becomes aware of a problem it will be reviewed and action taken as soon as possible. Moderators may also remove posts that are deemed offensive or inappropriate.

By using this part of the FASSTT website you are agreeing to abide by the rules listed above.