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Each of the eight organisations in the FASSTT network offers:

  • Direct services to survivors of torture and trauma, their families and their communities
  • Training and community education
  • Publications that provide advice for professional interaction with refugees and survivors of torture and trauma
  • Secondary consultation to those working with refugees.

Other FASSTT Agency Resources

For a list of publications and resources each FASSTT agency offers, see their website or contact them directly.

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FASSTT Publications

Support for People During Times of International Conflict – Information about the impact of international conflicts on local communities and supports available through FASSTT.  (2023)

Never Turning Away – Australia’s World-Leading Program of Assistance to Survivors of Torture and Trauma (PASTT) (2017)

From the Darkness to the Light (2011)

Other Publications

Australian Refugee Health Practice Guide

Publications from FASSTT agencies

Foundation House Resources

QPASTT Resources

STARTTS – Refugee Transitions is a twice yearly magazine and reports on a wide range of refugee and human rights issues.

Companion House

ASETTS Resources

STTARS Publications